Thursday, September 5, 2013

Common Core Summary: Key Ideas of the Common Core with Links to Resources

If you're anything like me, you've been trying to wrap your mind around the Common Core Learning Standards. As you sift through the pages...and pages...and pages of the standards, you find yourself getting lost. Here is a resource to help us get the big picture. Click the image above for a comprehensive summary of the major ideas of the Common Core. Next to each of the learning standards is a link to an online resource-- lesson planning ideas, apps, videos, or explanations.

Common Core Apps: An Interactive Graphic

Trying to integrate the common core and use technology in the classroom may seem overwhelming. Some of the difficulty is due to the vast amount of material that teachers are expected to consolidate and apply to their classroom. Clicking the image above leads you to a list of apps organized under the four domains of the Common Core Anchor Standards. This is a resource to use as you plan your lessons. These apps can help you integrate more technology in the reading, writing, speaking & listening, and language aspects of your planning.