Friday, June 6, 2014

Mr. Murtha's iPad Projects

Using Google Sheets to Talk About Supply and Demand

Collaborating Teacher: Mr. Stephan

Click Here to see the Supply and Demand Spreadsheet

Autobiographies with Book Creator

Collaborating Teacher: Ms. Bell

Olive Premier 2

Olive Premier 3

Olive Premier 4

Ms. Wilson's iPad Projects

Orange Premier 1

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ms. Meola-Shanahan's iPad Projects- Comic Life

Comic Life: Character Change Analysis

Collaborating Teacher: Ms. Belete

Red Premier 6

Red Premier 7

Collaborating Teacher: Ms. Gelenscer
Red Premier 8

Red Premier 9

Red Premier 10

Friday, May 30, 2014

Greg Conley's Video: How to use ComicLife

Mr. Conley created a video for his class, describing how to make a Comic Life project.
Comic Life is another app featured at
Mosaics: Voices of Lafayette High Schools' Community

Featured App: Book Creator

Book creator is another app that will be featured at
Students used this app to create an electronic book by adding text, images, photos, and sound and become experts about events of the Cold War era.

Student Projects

This project is one of many student projects that will be featured at
Mosaics: Voices of Lafayette High School's Community 

at the Galleria Mall on June 7th from 1-3 in front of the iPad store.

Storyrobe:Share Your Stories

Storyrobe is one of the apps featured at
Mosaics: Voices of Lafayette 
High School's Community
Click on the icon to view links to more information on how to use this app in your classroom.

Ms. Meola-Shanahan's iPad Projects- iMovie

The Crucible "I Am" Portraits in iMovie

Collaborating Teacher: Dana Kemp

Collaborating Teacher: Melissa Emerling

Mr. Whipple's iPad Projects

Mathematical Patterns in Book Creator

Gold Premier 1

Ms. Spaulding's and Ms. Dell'Oso's iPad Projects

The Cold War in Book Creator

Purple Premier 1: Vietnam

Purple Premier 2: Berlin

Purple Premier 3: Nicaragua

Purple Premier 4: Space Race

Miss Cooper's iPad Projects

Food Around the World and Desert Survivor with VeeScope

Mr. Conley's & Mr. Ostroff's iPad Projects

International Freedom of Speech Rights with iMovie

Blue Premier 1&2 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

BPP Collaborative Spring Workshop

BPP Collaborative Presents:  
Mathematical Thinking
March 1, 2014 8:30-11:30

Gabriela Groza, SchoolRise Consultant
We all know the relevancy of math to our daily lives, but sometimes have doubts that mathematics is for everyone. With a focus on the critical characteristics of mathematical thinking, this workshop helps teachers and other participants to re-conceptualize how they think about mathematics outside of mathematics classrooms. Moreover, the participants will develop the skills required to design mathematical thinking activities in any discipline and will further have the opportunity to implement those designed activities in their classrooms.

A little more about our guest speaker Gabriela Groza:

For about 4 years after finishing school at DePaul University in Chicago, I worked as a Financial Advisor and Financial Budget Analyst, in Chicago and Miami. In these roles, I had a chance to interact with either clients or key personnel in other departments and explain to them various scenarios that involved math. Soon after working as an analyst, I became a corporate trainer where I had to meet with the leaders of various departments and help them understand the numbers in the financial statements and ways in which they can make sense of them in a way that was relevant to helping them improve their departments. I enjoyed teaching them what I felt very passionate about, mathematics, and decided to pursue a career in teaching.