Teacher and Student Artifacts

Our mission is to engage in a collaborative approach to sustainable professional development with L.H.S. teachers and their English Learners. With this goal in mind, the following educators at Lafayette High School have signed on to be a part of this incredible journey.

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Greg Conley-click for teacher portfolio

Greg Conley is a second year ESL teacher at Lafayette High School.  He received his Master’s in ESOL Education, as well as Bachelor’s degrees in History and Linguistics from the University at Buffalo. Now in his second year, Greg teaches an ESL class, and co-teaches in three SIFE Social Studies classes. Outside of school, Greg is involved in different advocacy groups. He is co-chair of Young Citizens for ECC, a group working to expand education to career opportunities for ECC students. Greg is also involved with Buffalo Young Preservationists, a group that raises awareness and seeks reuses for vacant structures in the City of Buffalo.
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Kelly Cooper--click for teacher portfolio                        

This is Kelly's second year teaching at Lafayette.  She teaches SIFE Newcomer ESL and SIFE Math.  Prior to her job at Lafayette, she worked at Journey's End Refugee Services as a resettlement case manager and as a coordinator of the Refugee School Impact Program.  She received her Master's Degree from the University at Buffalo and her Bachelor's from Syracuse University specializing in International Relations, Anthropology, and French.  She enjoys teaching, listening to NPR, and Burmese dancing.

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Brooke Dell'Oso--click for teacher portfolio

Brooke Dell’Oso is a certified ESL teacher, currently in her fourth year of teaching at Lafayette High School. She teaches ESL and co-teaches Global 10 SIFE. She received her Bachelors in Spanish and Masters in Education from the University at Buffalo. She enjoys listening to music, learning how to cook, traveling, and studying foreign languages. She’s currently learning Arabic with lots of help from her students. 
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Melissa Sullivan--click for teacher portfolio

Welcome to the BPP Melissa!

Jessica is an English teacher at Lafayette High School.  She is ESOL certified K - 12 and ELA certified 5 - 12.  She attended the University at Buffalo for her bachelors and masters degrees.  Before teaching for the Buffalo Public Schools, Jessica spent one year teaching in South Korea.  She also taught at Grover Cleveland High School for two years.  This is her fifth year at Lafayette.

Heidi Salva-click for coaching cohort think-tank

Welcome to the BPP Heidi!

Robert Johnson-click for teacher portfolio

Rob was born and raised in Buffalo. He was fascinated by the USSR as a child and ended up studying Russian/Soviet history in college.  He travelled and studied there in college and fell in love with St. Petersburg.  The way back, he knew, was teaching, without any idea how to teach. He decided to get his Master's at UB for Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL).  Ever since, he's been teaching in Russia, Latvia, North Carolina, and now for 12 years at Lafayette. He's married and has two boys, ages 4 and 6.
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Melissa is co-founder and associate director of Torn Space Theater where she has performed, assistant
directed, and designed lighting, costumes, and sets for more than 30 productions. She also manages TST’s Cultural Awareness Program, providing Buffalo students the opportunity to engage in the performing arts. Melissa is the English Language Arts Coach at Lafayette High School, and is pursuing her doctorate degree in English Education at the University at Buffalo.

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Dan Murtha-click for coaching cohort think-tank

Daniel Murtha is an ESL Coach at Lafayette High School in Buffalo, NY. Daniel began working as a coach in the spring of 2013. He has been involved with the Site-Based Management Team as well as the School Leadership Team. Previously, he taught middle school ESL at Frank A. Sedita Elementary School (2005-2013) and multiple grade levels at Dr. Antonia Pantoja School of Academic Excellence (2004-2005). Murtha received his Masters Degree in Education from SUNY Buffalo in 2004. He received a Bachelors in Arts for Spanish and Journalism/Mass Communication from St. Bonaventure University in 2001.
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Josh Ostroff-click for teacher portfolio                         

Joshua Ostroff is an History teacher at Lafayette High School.  He is certified Social Studies 7-12 and attended Buffalo State College for his bachelors and masters degree.  He currently teaches Global 10 and SIFE PIG/Economics.  Joshua has been teaching in Buffalo for 11 years.  Before teaching in Buffalo, Joshua was a bike mechanic and sales associate at Dick's Sporting Goods and worked with several local schools and police departments performing bicycle safety checks.  He enjoys kayaking, hiking and walking his dog.

Lisa is a Social Studies teacher at Lafayette High School.  She is certified for Social Studies grades 7-12 and has spent the last 11 years teaching at Lafayette. Prior to that, she spent 25 years working as an archaeologist. She considers her use of pattern recognition as a tool for teaching students about history one of her greatest strengths as a teacher.
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Stacey Thomson              

Stacey has worked at Lafayette for 10 years. Previously, she worked at Buffalo Traditional School for 11 years. She teaches Living Environment to Students with Interrupted Formal Education (SIFE) students. She obtained an outdoor education degree from Colorado Mountain College which piqued her interest in living things and nature. She moved back to Buffalo and continued her studies in biology at Buffalo State College. She enjoys traveling, kayaking, swimming, biking, and reading. She has been married for 32 years and has 3 children.

Brian Whipple-click for teacher portfolio                        

Brian is certified to teach math for grades 7 - 12.  He taught for three years at East High School before coming to Lafayette.  His masters degree is from Buffalo State College.  Brian served in the Air Force for eight years prior to becoming a teacher.  He has been at Lafayette for three years.
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Melissa Hooper
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Welcome to the BPP Melissa!

Ramona has worked at Lafayette since 2004 in the business department. She has taught various subjects such as business computer applications, keyboarding, and business law. She is presently curriculum lead teacher and common planning facilitator for JHU. She enjoys reading, learning new things, and travel.

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